Look n’ feel Mobya!

Product designer / UI designer


It was required to develop a landing page to attract people with an entrepreneurial profile. After research, development of people and detection of a specific need, the information collected was analyzed to make a proposal for UI, graphic line and illustration line.


It was necessary to create a fresh and innovative image, denoting a youthful atmosphere. That he did not refer to the insurance sector, since it was detected in the investigation that young people have rejection towards insurers with thoughts of bureaucracy, little clarity, boredom and deception in mind.

So it was necessary that the image that was related to entrepreneurs did not have that traditional connotation of the insurance and entrepreneurial sector of “Be your own boss”.


The approach that had to be given to the landing page is for young people between 25-35 years old with an entrepreneurial profile and who may become interested in the insurance sector.

Use a harmonious palette that includes the primary colors, making an analogy with the basics, the essential and denotes energy and dynamism.