Cemento Rosa

Cemento Rosa

Product designer / UI UX designer


Cemento Rosa is a platform that encourages creativity applied to objects. Its mission is to focus and stimulate creativity in creators by positioning these objects promoting national and quality consumption.

The way in which the objects are published is through calls with randomly selected topics (Chairs, vases, armchairs, lamps, etc).

Interested creators participate and a select member of judges select the best proposals by publishing a limited number of pieces for a limited time, providing the opportunity for hotel organizations and the open public to obtain a quality piece, made in Mexico and with a special history.



The definition of people was key to knowing how the solution could be simplified, what would be the touchpoints of each actor within the platform and what would be the logistics with each one within the selection and sale.

More particular actors involved derived from the two generals were detected.



UI Kits

A challenge in which mediation and user-focused problem solving was key. The stakeholders involved were looking for a palette with many colors. They wanted to denote the variety of profiles of the creators and the idea of ​​creativity with the full rainbow palette. Looking to mediate the situation, we did some tests with the designed prototype, but we lost the main focus.

Simplicity was lost and although at the interface level the minimum elements were used, the image was saturated with color. So I decided to change course and my proposal was to synthesize in a base color, which refers to Mexico, creativity and that dynamic stimulus and complement with black for contrast and with two secondary colors only for minimal use.


We have to be brave as professionals. More those of us who create products that have contact with a person. We have to learn to make decisions automatically, always thinking of the human being, although that sometimes means having to mediate and nobody loses.

What this project left me the most was how important it is to make decisions. It is not a color, it is not an analysis, it is not a screen. It is the way we learn and how we use that learning to make decisions. Hence the importance of believing in the end of the product we create, of helping the product to really help others. We will always be making decisions and we must take that with courage.