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Product Designer / UI Designer


How can we show the offers clearly and that support the user’s purchase decision?

Constant confusions and errors within the users’ navigation that left a negative and very confusing experience. The result of the car insurance quote was shown in tables, an aspect that presented problems at a responsive level, with unclear information, an interface without visual hierarchy and this being a key point within the customer’s navigation and within the funnel, it was critical to attack the problem to stop losing customers.



The information up to this point stated that the problem did not depend on the specific profile of a person, or on an error within the user flow.

It was a deficiency in the design of the interface and in how the information and flows that started from here were hierarchized. It was necessary to clarify the benefits to the user that would help their purchase decision and that up to this point were not clear.

3 critical pain points were detected as a result of the Journey map and the synthesis of the affinity map.



Design system


Guiding business decisions to improve economic performance has its consistent side. But what we must never forget is that all companies and corporations owe their existence to people. People who need to live their life without knowing that companies exist, that they need to be understood and supported.

When we turn that thought into a philosophy of life, we will understand that, if we improve the quality of life of our users, they will improve ours.